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Small Business Stories from New York Times:
At John Derian, Christmas Started in September
11/24/2023 2:00 AM
A week after the first day of fall, John Derian began setting up shop for the holidays...Read More
Sam Altman Is Back at OpenAI. I Have a Question for Him.
11/23/2023 10:00 AM
Now that Sam Altman’s back, will he be able to maintain a balance between safety and the profit motive...Read More
The Long Shadow of Steve Jobs Looms Over the Turmoil at OpenAI
11/22/2023 10:51 AM
Sam Altman, the most prominent promoter of artificial intelligence, learned that it’s hard to be a visionary founder like the Apple legend...Read More
The Fear and Tension That Led to Sam Altman’s Ouster at OpenAI
11/19/2023 10:44 AM
The departure of the high-profile boss of the San Francisco company drew attention to a philosophical rift among the people building new A.I. systems...Read More
Here’s Why a New York City Lobster Roll (With Fries!) Costs $32
11/20/2023 1:29 PM
The pandemic upended everything at the Red Hook Lobster Pound. By mid-2022, the co-founder felt she had no choice but to raise the price of her signature item, a lobster roll and fries...Read More

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